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How much does the grade of oil you use affect your gas mileage?

Whenever I get my oil change, this question comes up. Is the expensive sythetic oil worth it? What benefits does it have, both for your gas mileage and your engine? Is it worth paying $25 bucks more an oil change to get it?How much does the grade of oil you use affect your gas mileage?
Motor oil does three things for your engine. It lubricates the engines moving parts, carries away impurities, and it cools the bottom end of your engine. With age the oil breaks down and becomes thick and doesn't flow properly. This causes your engine to build up heat causing friction which causes more heat and more friction, causing wear. Conventional motor oils are good for a maximume of 4500 miles before it breaks down to the point where it's additive pachage is gone, the flow characteristics are destroyed, and the acids and adverse chemicals your engine has produced, due to the internal combustion of fuel, has turned it into a useless goo. Synthetic oils do not break down like conventional oils, so they stay viscouse for much longer. They will lubricate your engine much longer and cool it longer then conventional oils. They also carry away impurities, so, even though they cool and lubricate your engine for a longer period of time, they are still building up acids, and such, that can corrode the internal parts. You can use synthetic oils over conventional oils, but you shouldn't leave them in your engine for over 5000 miles between oil changes. You can change from conventional to synthetics at any time with no adverse effects on your engine. Changing types at high mileage is fine also. Just keep in mind there is a break in period. The conventional oils have built up glazes which help old seals from allowing oil to leak. Synthetic oils clean away the glaze, but soften the seals so they stop oil from leaking. There is an interum period where the glaze has gone but the seals aren't softened completly where the engine leaks oil. This will disappear over time. Due to the increased oil flow and damaging coatings removed, the friction inside the engine should lessen, so the mileage should improve slightly. I read a test where a Dodge Dakota's lubricants were all changed to synthetics. The truck was dynoed before and after the change. There was a 7% increase in horsepower.
I am a strong believer in the synthetic oil. I use Amsoil all the time and it costs double or more than regular oil. Amsoil is great, see this link:

also, use the proper type; i.e. 10w30 or 10w40 or 5w30 or 5w40 as specified in your owners manual as to not void the warranty. never use straight 30w for example or 20w. those are for mowers and other weird things.

Synthetic BLEND should be used if you never used synthetic before and you have over 30000 miles on your car because it is too late to use all synthetic (thinner and will leak).How much does the grade of oil you use affect your gas mileage?
It's a waste of money. Modern oils are good for up to 10,000 miles. As far as gas consumption goes, it's the viscosity of the oil that effects mileage, not the type.
Affecting gas mileage? Very little. A synthetic will remain liquid at a larger range of temperatures and, will reduce wear on components.

For me, the gain in using synthetic is that I'm NOT using dinosaur oil. I'm helping to create a market for something other than crude oil. It's not much, but it's something I can do.

If you're going to keep your car for 200,000 miles, I don't think there's any difference in engine wear. If you want to keep it forever and put a zillion miles on it, then switch to synthetic.

Oh, synthetic will not 'gum' up... so if you switch, do it slowly. Like put in 1 quart for an oil change, then 2 the next oil change...How much does the grade of oil you use affect your gas mileage?
Rule 1: Always use the correct weight in motor oil as stated in your owners manual

Rule 2: If your car has some serious miles on it DO NOT switch to synthetics.

Why??? Well, synthetic motor oil not only lubicates better at high temps - it also "Digests" build-ups in your engine. If you have high miles on your car these gunky build-ups are probably plugging some teeny, tiny holes in your gaskets etc... and once you run the synths for a while you will develop leaks.

If you are looking to extend your gas mileage and/or reduce emissions you would probably do better with a high quality fuel additive. The one I use has boosted my mileage by 20% (Subaru outback wagon, 2.5 turbo) and allowed me to switch from premium fuels to mid-grade with no loss in power and no knocking. I won't advertise here but I do have a link on my profile if you are interested.

What is the best new car for under 20,000 with gas mileage as the key factor?

I am close to purchasing my first new car. It must be under 20,000 and the most important factors are 1: gas mileage 2: must be sporty.What is the best new car for under 20,000 with gas mileage as the key factor?
Toyota corrola, matrix ,yaris pontiac vibe its a toyota just made in the U.S. i have one good car cheaper then a matriix. No nissan... Honda civic yo may be able to work a deal on a suburu forester.
I can't choose your car for you, but if I were in the market for a fuel efficient, inexpensive, reliable car, I would be looking at either a Honda Civic or a Toyota Corolla.What is the best new car for under 20,000 with gas mileage as the key factor?
toyota corolla - is that sporty enough for you?
2007 Honda Civic Coupe LX 5-Spd AT

2007 MINI Cooper

2007 Volkswagen New Beetle 2.5L

All get great gas mileage and you can make these as sporty as you want after you buyWhat is the best new car for under 20,000 with gas mileage as the key factor?
here's a link to some new cars on ebay motors with good gas sporty
Dodge Caliber
Honda Civic is probably your best bet. The Domestics still can't build a car as good. A Corolla S would be kinda fun too (they are do for a redesign in 2008). The Honda Fit has been getting a lot of good press, but the Civic has a lot more power, gets similar mpg and can be had at about the same price. I have also read good things about the Mazda 3's, and the standard version with the 2.0 gets pretty good mpg. The S versions have a bigger motor, and thus fuel economy suffers. The S version is probably the sportiest of the bunch.

I think overall a Civic is your best bet. They have a proven track record and hold their value really well.

How good is the gas mileage on a Mini Cooper?

We're considering trading in our Jeep Cherokee (1999) for a Coop more than likely a used one, but I'd like to hear from those of you who own a Coop on how the gas mileage is and what year you have, also are there any owners out there w/kids? We have a 4 year old. How easy is it to get your kids in/out of the backseat? Is it comfortable for them?

Thanks in advance for your respones!How good is the gas mileage on a Mini Cooper?
My mom has one and I'm not particularly keen on it.

Rear seat room is almost non-existent. My mom is claustrophobic and is unable to sit in the back of the car without getting a panic attack it is so small back there.

As far as gas mileage, we have the Cooper S and live in an area with lots of hills and lots of city traffic and mileage is only about 22mpg combined. Not particularly impressive considering the car doesn't have much power.

We also have the convertible, which is bad for numerous reasons. First of all, you get the smallest trunk ever. Second, the rear seat area is even more confined. Third, the convertible has the biggest blindspots ever when the top is up and you can't even see out of the rear view mirror.

On the positive side, my mom does get lots of compliments, which she likes, and she was also happy to switch from an SUV to the Mini.

The best advice is to go to a dealer with your children. Usually the salespeople are happy to give you a test drive and you can see how the kids like the car.How good is the gas mileage on a Mini Cooper?
I have a mini cooper and love it. It give me about 38 on the highway. I have a 3 year grandson (mom in Iraq) and it is easy I fold one side of the seat and I can put his stroller and other stuff and fit fine I highly recommended. I have had mine for almost 3 years. my co worker is getting one just because she loves mine and drives better than a jaguar . the seats are quite comforable I have a 19 year and rides alot in the back seat and our neighbor tags alot with us too. Mine has 6 air bags

It better than the consumer report rates itHow good is the gas mileage on a Mini Cooper?
well my b/f is a machanic at a car dealership. and the gas milage is good on the cooper. but to work on them is a pain and to have them worked on is very expensive. from what he says they really arnt worth it. i would look into getting something else
28 city/37 highway

do remember that they are sub-compact cars (aka tiny) made for two adults in the front, two smaller children in the back

What is the best OLD truck for gas mileage?

I'd like to buy a used beatup old truck to strap a kayak in the back of and drive across country. Gas mileage is my biggest concern. I'd also like to have 4 wheel drive but am willing to give that up if the gas mileage is too expensive. I'm happy with a small truck and don't really need to haul anything with it.What is the best OLD truck for gas mileage?
i have a 1999 s 10 chevy with v6 4x4 auto tranny...i get 20 on hyway...a late 90s will sell for less then 5 K best milage is 4 cylinderWhat is the best OLD truck for gas mileage?
an old toyota with the 22r or re engine or mazda b2000 if u can find them had good fuel mpg. and they are pretty tough.
  • magellan roadmate
  • Is it bad for the speakers or gas mileage to play music loud?

    I have a Ford Focus with a stock system. I just got an iPod transmitter so I'm excited about listening to music in the car. I play it pretty loud with the bass and treble all the way up. Is that bad for gas mileage or the speakers.

    The complete volume isn't all the way up, just about 75% or 80%.Is it bad for the speakers or gas mileage to play music loud?
    Everyone here is right., except the 1 b4 me that post wasn't there as I was answering. I popped my cheesy stock speakers! As for my gas mileage, oddly yes it was bad for me, I seemed to Lean a little harder on the gas when I was listening and getting into my tunes. I'm totally serious is short, it's ur car do what U want :)

    p.s.s. I blew them out listening to hip hop ;)
    no its not bad for you mileage. It is hard on your speakers because they are stock speakers so they will eventually blow out. generally you should set your bass at 3/4 and treble slightly less then that.Is it bad for the speakers or gas mileage to play music loud?
    It will not affect your mileage at all, as to the speakers, they can be damaged but as long as you dont change the stock system they should be OK.
    no not bad for gas mileage - the speakers could wear quicker because of the constant use at higher frequencies ... but it is def. bad for your hearingIs it bad for the speakers or gas mileage to play music loud?
    Yes it's bad for those cheap little speakers and your EARS!!!
    i have gone through 2 sets of crappy speakers, the ones in the frt like 3 " O well, life is short....and I listen to RAP and HIP HOP
    For the speakers you wouldnt likely get wear but rather catastrophic failure or major damage all at once. If you start to hear buzzing or distortion then your speakers are clipping - i.e. the amp is running out of power to drive them at that volume, and this is when things start to go bad (not what most people think - that the amp is not powerful enough to damage them),

    They may tear , seize or literally melt down your amp which will likely start to overheat. Really bad for your hearing as well - ask yourself if you wanna have the hearing of an 80 year old in 5 years time - but there is usually no point in warning anyone about that, so at least back of the treble - this is where most hearing damage would likely occur.
    no and no

    the manufactures would not make the radio powerful enough to blow the speakers
    It sure stinks to all the people around you that have to suffer your filthy rap trash at 80% volume..

    What would be the best vehicle for a family of 5 in regards to gas mileage?

    We have a Honda Odyssey and a Honda Civic. The Odyssey's gas mileage is TERRIBLE! The Civic is too small for all of us to ride comfortably. Is there something maybe inbetween. Maybe not as big as the Odyssey but better gas mileage?What would be the best vehicle for a family of 5 in regards to gas mileage?
    get a diesel engine i was shocked to see milaage on them dont know on size of a odesey zafarias are okWhat would be the best vehicle for a family of 5 in regards to gas mileage?
    Hyundai ElantraWhat would be the best vehicle for a family of 5 in regards to gas mileage?
    For a family of 5, i would guess a mini-van of some sort. I would avoid any bigger engine, often the base engine/transmission is the best for fuel mileage, and you may also get a break on your insurance. Diesel engines often get double the econo of gas engines, although they usually cost more to buy, and maintain.

    How do I get better gas mileage wig a stick shift?

    I drive a 2004 bmw x3 in a stick and I was wondering how to improve my gas mileage. I am fairly new to stick shifts and can never get as good of gas milege as when my dad drives he can always get 5 to 6 mpg better than me. Is there a trick that I'm just missing? ThanksHow do I get better gas mileage wig a stick shift?
    Drive like there is an egg between your foot and the gas pedal. Whether stick or automatic. Gentle acceleration (and braking) is critical to good MPG. You want to keep the load on the engine as even as possible, and keep the gear as high as possible for the speed (without "tractoring" the engine, like going up a hill at 30 in 5th).

    Other than that, small stuff, like never idle more than 30 seconds -- especially a cold engine. A car will warm up in 2 minutes driving, or 15 minutes idling. Remember, warm or cold, idling gets zero MPG. Group your driving tasks, don't drive to onechore, wait two hours then another drive, etc. Plan to do all the driving in 1 or 2 trips so the engine stays warm.How do I get better gas mileage wig a stick shift?
    shift as soon as possible

    be in the highest gear as you can

    dont floor it all the time